Sunday, July 19, 2009

Figure Studies

Megan Fox (face too wide)

Natalie Portman

Muscle Sketch 1

Muscle Sketch 2

Self Portrait



Yeah!! a new blog haha....dump the old one. cuz its filled with rubbish. Anyways dear readers dis blog is specially made for YOU! :) and yes, in this has my artwork and some other more stuff(coming soon). i just hope no one attempt to steal any of my work. Hope you are able to understand that its just not really nice to copy people's work or as i can say, stealing people ideas...its not that im proud of myself, its just that it feels like when you try so hard making something and all of it goes to waste when someone take it from you and call it their own. Its sinfull, you know...? But ofcuz i will share part of my work...:)